You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out…

A Christmas Story‘Tis the season… for A Christmas Story. Check out the following sites to get your Christmas Story fix…

A fan named Brian Jones is obsessed enough with the movie that he couldn’t resist paying $150,000 for the Cleveland house that appeared in the film when it came up for sale on eBay. He has restored it to look like it did in the movie, and is opening the house and a related museum with much fanfare this weekend. Visit the A Christmas Story House Website for details.

The house isn’t the only way that Brian Jones is profiting from his obsession with the movie. A few years ago, Brian set up a site to sell reproductions of the infamous “major award” coveted by Ralphie’s father, a lamp in the shape of a shapely glowing leg. It comes in various sizes complete with fringed gallery shade, sexy fishnet stocking, and an elegant stiletto heel. Check out the Red Ryder Leg Lamps site for ordering info on this and other memorabilia.

To find out more about Jean Shepherd, the writer and narrator of the movie, visit the FlickLives site. It includes information, news, events, and memorabilia about “Shep’s” life and career, including lots of interesting trivia about A Christmas Story.

Finally, if you’ve never seen A Christmas Story and have no idea what I’m talking about, enjoy a 30-second version of the movie in Bun-O-Vision (i.e. starring rabbits)…

ACS in 30 seconds

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