Saved by the Bionic Woman…

I watched the second episode of NBC’s new Bionic Woman earlier tonight (on TiVo of course). I enjoyed this episode more than the premiere (previously blogged here), although that’s not really the point of this entry.


This episode centered around Jaime’s first official “away mission”. She manages to save a teenager from a bunch of generic paramilitary terrorists, and then steps aside while her new mentor (formerly known as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Burke) uncovers the location of the rest of the terrorists and their conveniently left-over cache of deadly nerve gas. There, Jaime discovers a map with a number of locations prominently targeted including Jackson, Mississippi and Portland, Oregon. Oh yeah, and another one slightly closer to home…

Target: Springfield

That’s right, the Bionic woman saved me (and the rest of Springfield) from certain gaseous doom.

(I think I experienced a little of that the last time I had a La Bamba burrito. :-P)

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