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Wake-Up Call

This entry is about my cat, Boo

Especially observant readers may notice the timestamp from this entry is much earlier than usual. That’s due entirely to my cat, who decided that I had slept long enough for one night. He communicated this decision by walking on my chest, which is bad enough at 8AM on a Sunday morning. However, Boo emphasized his point by taking a stroll through his litterbox just before waking me up.

Needless to say, my first destination after the stinky-paw treatment was the shower. So I’m standing in the bathroom waiting for the water to heat up, when suddenly Boo leaps from the counter all the way up to my shoulder. Seems he was determined to see over the top of the shower door.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been naked in the bathroom with a cat perched precariously on your shoulder, but take my word for it, it’s not a comfortable feeling.

Luckily, I was able to avoid cat-scratch fever in this case. But it’s a perfect example of the unique personality that earned Boo his descriptive nickname… Booger.

p.s. Boogey (an alternate nickname) helped me type this entry.

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Looking For Group…

Looking For GroupI found a terrific Webcomic called Looking For Group a few weeks ago…

The comic, set in an alternate World of Warcraft-ish universe, follows the adventures of an elven archer named Cale’Anon who is out to save the world.

Along the way, Cale gains traveling companions who have a slightly, uh, different set of priorities. In particular is Richard, an undead warlock who provides comic relief, strangely enough, in his absolute delight causing as much death and destruction as inhumanly possible.

If you’re into gaming, fantasy, and humor, LFG is highly recommended!

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I’ve Been Simpsonized!

Despite the fact that everyone should just know that Homer and Bart’s hometown of Springfield, USA is nowhere near Vermont, I haven’t forsaken The Simpsons completely.

So, here I am Simpsonized…

Dave and Boo - Simpsonized

Not bad, although I must say that my cat Boo is better looking than Snowball (pictured).

You too can become a Simpsons character by visiting Simpsonize Me. Upload a headshot of yourself, and then tweak the available options in faces, hairstyles, body types, and accessories.

Don’t know about you, but I’m digging the orange and purple cabinets. Maybe it’s time for a kitchen makeover at Casa de DeckMonster. ;-)

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Presenting the world famous “Dramatic Chipmunk”…

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the five-second video (via College Humor) that’s taking the Web by storm…

Spoiler alert! … He’s actually a prairie dog. ;-)

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How It Should Have Ended…

Found a very fun site today: How It Should Have The tagline of the site pretty much says it all… “Sometimes movies don’t finish the way we’d like.”

As you can see, in addition to the hi-res versions on the HISHE website, there also are versions of the videos here on YouTube. Very funny stuff!

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Cool Cat

This so reminds me of my cat, Boo


BTW, PvP is a terrific Web comic strip.

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The Love-Child of IE and Firefox… What If?

Someone did a fabulous job of imagining what the end-result of a Microsoft acquisition of the Mozilla FireFox browser, resulting in the Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition Website…

Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition

Better visit the site soon, because I have to wonder how long Microsoft will allow it to stick around. Here are a few choice quotes to illustrate my point…

A robust new Microsoft security architecture known as TakeOver™ helps to protect the Windows Kernel from malicious, damaging and viral software such as Symantec and McAfee products.


At Microsoft, we strive to appear lovable, friendly and helpful…
…because our antitrust ruling conditions force us to do so…

And one more…

Tired of slow image rendering? Microsoft Firefox 2007 can deliver online pornography at blazing fiery speeds. By using a proprietary dynamic algorithm, anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster!

Too funny! :-)

UPDATE (11/12/2006): Looks like the site has already been nuked, although still works (sort of).

UPDATE (11/21/2006): And now it’s back…

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Avast Ye Maties!

Talk Like A Pirate!In case you were blissfully unaware… Today is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!

In honor of this momentous occasion, please visit the official Website at This English to Pirate Translator is also available if you need to lay some pirate-speak on your shipmates.

Now, where’d I put that grog?!? …
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The Joy of Web Development

OK, I realize that this is probably most humorous to Web development geeks like myself, but this is my damn blog so y’all just suffer through it… :-)

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Brought to you by the clever folks at Poisoned Minds.

p.s. If all goes as planned, I should have the new site design up by tonight…

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