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Mystery on Fifth Avenue

How cool is this?

Finally, one day last fall, more than a year after they moved in, Mr. Klinsky received a letter in the mail containing a poem that began:

We’ve taken liberties with Yeats
to lead you through a tale
that tells of most inspired fates
in hopes to lift the veil.

The letter directed the family to a hidden panel in the front hall that contained a beautifully bound and printed book, Ms. Bensko’s opus.

The book led them on a scavenger hunt through their own apartment.

Prior to moving into their Fifth Avenue apartment, the family hired a young architect to redo the place.

Inspired by the father’s request to hide a poem he had written for his family in a wall somewhere as a sort of “time capsule”, the architect and accomplices went much further and built an entire mystery adventure for the family to inhabit.

I love the creativity. Of course, having an 8.5 million dollar canvas to work with can be somewhat inspiring. ;-)

(via Kottke)

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State government at its finest…

The following is from an online system used by the State of Illinois to procure supplies and services…


Only in state government would you issue an addendum to answer the question of whether any addendums had been published. ;-)

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What About 9?!?

Another interesting video tonight…

This one of course is from my favorite band, Barenaked Ladies. It’s from a new CD called Snacktime just released by the band. However, as you might be able to tell from the song, this CD is intended for a slightly unique audience…

“Our collective kids now outnumber the band more than 2 to 1,” explains vocalist/guitarist Ed Robertson. “We set out to make a record that would be entertaining for them…not strictly a children’s record, but a record that children would really enjoy. Our kids are in to all kinds of music. They love the They Might Be Giants kids records, but they also love The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Randy Newman, Black Eyed Peas and Green Day. Making the focus about what our kids like was a truly liberating process and fun for the whole band.”

I believe it when he says it was fun for the whole band. I’ve played the whole disc (24 songs!!) twice now, and I’ve had a ball listening to the lyrics and picking out all of the musical styles that are there to find. There’s one song called “Eraser” that starts with Ska, has a brief flirtation with Pink Floyd and then Queen, and ends up back with Ska again. Where else can you find that kind of variety?

Highly recommended for children of all ages.

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Apple Mac Music Video

Very cool video, produced entirely on an Apple Mac…

The catchy though repetitive song is “Again & Again” by The Bird & the Bee.

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Lori Loughlin’s New Zip Code

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lori Loughlin has joined the cast of the as-yet untitled Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off that is currently in development.

I know… I don’t understand either why anyone would think to create a 90210 spin-off now, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that I’ve been in love with Lori Loughlin since I was a teenager (anyone else remember Secret Admirer?), and I’m overjoyed at the possibility of seeing her on a weekly basis again.

Welcome back Lori!

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Great Sports

Check out this amazing story on ESPN.com about a college softball game that will be remembered for a long time because of the athletes, not the athletics…

Western Oregon senior Sara Tucholsky had never hit a home run in her career. Central Washington senior Mallory Holtman was already her school’s career leader in them. But when a twist of fate and a torn knee ligament brought them face to face with each other and face to face with the end of their playing days, they combined on a home run trot that celebrated the collective human spirit far more than individual athletic achievement.

That’s what it’s all about.

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The Great Quake of ’08 (Updated)

West Salem EarthquakeAt 4:37 AM local time last night, a 5.2 earthquake struck near West Salem, Illinois, which is approximately 150 miles away from Springfield.

According to local news reports (and my coworkers), the quake rattled houses and knocked items off shelves and bookcases, but there were no local damage or injuries.

Of course, I slept through it all.

So far, I’ve survived the Godless Tornadoes of ’06 and the Great Quake of ’08…

I think Springfield is due for a hurricane in 2010. Or maybe locusts.

More quake coverage…

5.2 earthquake one of the strongest to hit Illinois (State Journal Register)
Earthquake measuring 5.2 rattles St. Louis region (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
Earthquake rattles Chicago area, Midwest (Chicago Tribune)
Earthquake rattles Indiana this morning (Indianapolis Star)
Little damage in Louisville from quake (Louisville Courier-Journal)
April 18, 2008 Midwest Earthquake (Wikipedia)

UPDATE 10:20 AM… We just felt a strong aftershock, which has been reported as magnitude 4.6. I work on the sixth floor of a building that was constructed sometime in the 1930s (I think), and our building shook noticeably for five or six seconds.

Hmm, why is it that I have the sudden urge to take the rest of the day off? ;-)

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The Wall

Visit the free Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial and leave a tribute, story, or photograph about any of the 58,256 veterans killed or missing in the Vietnam War…

Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial


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Win a dinner with Kaylee!! (…and some dude)

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite and a number of other actors are auctioning off dinner dates on eBay to fund cancer treatments for a fellow actor named Babz Chula (which explains the sign Jewel is holding in the photo above)…

The winning bidder will receive a free dinner with Paul McGillian and Jewel Staite at a pre-selected restaurant in Vancouver, BC at a mutually agreeable date to be determined by both parties in between May 1, 2008 and December 1, 2009.

As any red-blooded sci-fi geek is aware, Jewel played the role of the adorable Kaylee in the Firefly TV series and the follow-up movie Serenity. She is currently appearing in Stargate Atlantis on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The auction runs through April 12th and is currently at $1,500 (Canadian). Other dinner dates include David Duchovny and Chris Carter from the X-Files, as well as other actors that you might (or might not) recognize.

So, anyone have a couple grand and a ticket to Vancouver to spare? ;-)

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Pet Lag

Ways To Tell That Your Pet Cat Hasn’t Adjusted to Daylight Savings Yet:

  • When you get up he stares blearily at you like, “WTF, dude?!? It’s too early to get up now.” Then he sleeps an extra hour while you get ready for work.
  • He sleeps 20 hours a day. (Wait, scratch that… That’s normal for a cat. ;-))
  • Instead of waiting for you after work at the foot of the door (literally, I usually have to push him aside to get in), he looks embarrassed while running in from the other room to greet you.

(Confession… I was going to do a “Top 5” but couldn’t think of two more. :|)

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